Magnetic Levitation in the News

NASA’s Bold Plan to Build the First Railway on the Moon
NASA aims to set up a long-term human presence on the Moon, but maintaining a habitat on the surface will require some innovative infrastructure. To one day transport cargo across the dusty, cratered ... continued..
Wild NASA proposal envisions magnetic hover trains on the moon
“FLOAT robots have no moving parts and levitate over the track to minimize lunar dust abrasion / wear, unlike lunar robots with wheels, legs, or tracks,” FLOAT’s project description explains, adding ... continued..
Spin of Supermassive Black Hole Measured at a Quarter the Speed of Light
This week, science reporter Isaac Schultz described a groundbreaking effort to measure the spin of a supermassive black hole, and a fascinating experimental archaeology experiment in which marines ... continued..
NASA reveals plans to build levitating robots on the surface of the Moon
NASA has unveiled its plans to construct a reliable, autonomous, and efficient payload transportation system on the surface of the Moon. continued..
NASA details plan to build a levitating robot train on the moon
NASA's plan to build a train track on the moon is part of the agency's Innovative Advanced Concepts program, which aims to develop "science fiction-like" projects for future space exploration. Does a ... continued..
NASA wants to build a floating railway on the moon
NASA wants to build a floating railway on the surface of the moon. Called FLOAT, the technology relies on autonomous robots to move equipment. continued..
10 Weird Attempts To Reinvent The Wheel (Literally)
The wheel has been around for thousands of years, and it hasn't changed much since then. Still, there have been some pretty weird attempts to reinvent it. continued..
NASA aims to build a train on the moon
The project, dubbed Flexible Levitation on a Track (FLOAT), aims to utilize levitating magnetic robots to transport as much as 100 tons of lunar materials daily. This advanced system, resembling a ... continued..
NASA is Building Floating Train Tracks to Use on the Moon
It sounds like sci-fi, but NASA hopes to build a levitating railway on the Moon. It first proposed the idea in 2021, and it could be up and running by the 2030s. Flexible Levitation on a Track (FLOAT) ... continued..
NASA Has Innovative Concept to Build Transport Railway System on the Moon
NASA begins project to build railway station and run trains on the moon. “A durable, long-life robotic transport system will be critical to the daily operations of a sustainable lunar base in the 2030 ... continued..
Suzuki elected Shizuoka chief; talks expected over maglev line
SHIZUOKA--Yasutomo Suzuki, a former mayor of Hamamatsu, won the Shizuoka gubernatorial race on May 26, dealing another setback for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. continued..

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